Sabtu, 24 April 2010

dad, i miss you

hi dad,
how are you? i'm sorry if i forget send a prayer for you . sometimes.
but you always know, i love you.

dad, being children who do not have a father is difficult.
increasing age, increasingly felt.
because we more understand the meaning of a father.
yes, i'm 20th years old now. 5 years older since your gone.

you know dad, me your daughter will become a doctor. Insya Allah.
yaaa...not easy way to get there. but i'll do my best : )

how it feels there, dad? are you happy?
are you meet grandpa, grandma?
i hope you always happy there, don't need to think about world affairs

dad, i realize your part as a father would still exist .
so i feel lost.
yes, there was a brother, mother.
but father still father. can't replaced with anything.
i still your little girl, dad.
sometimes i am crying.
sometimes i am affraid.

i shouldn't being sissy.
i should be more stronger
i'm just missing you, dad.

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